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Welcome to GigaPlus Argyll

Community Broadband for the Argyll Islands: Working together for better connections

What is GigaPlus Argyll ?

GPA is a Next Generation/Superfast Broadband service that will be installed within a set of Postcodes allocated to us from HIE/BT. These postcodes make up what is hoped to be the first phase of an extensive rural network covering the areas that the BT Infiniti service doesn’t reach.

Next Generation or Superfast Broadband is specified as being a minimum of 24MB/S. The GigaPlus Argyll network will operate wirelessly and the broadband signal will be transmitted from a series of masts located throughout the catchment area. This signal will be received via a small box or dish located on or very near the customer’s property. The system does not use any telephone line or other cable technology.

How the project grew

[How and why the project grew from 'GigaMull' to 'GigaPlus Argyll]


The first installation will be live early in 2017, although this is weather, landowner and planning department dependent. However we are all very keen that this will keep on schedule. The plan is for a staged roll out after this, and the network should be fully operational by mid 2017. It’s a little too early to say what the planned roll out will be but as soon as it is confirmed it will be published here


The network has been designed primarily to cover: Lismore, Luing, Iona, Colonsay and parts of Jura, Islay, Mull and the Craignish peninsula. For more details on exact locations please enter your postcode into the postcode checker.

Due to the nature of the technology used it is likely that there will be other areas close to these locations that will also receive the service. More details on exactly which area will be covered will be confirmed later