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GigaPlus Argyll: Latest News and Views

GPA directors meet first minister
GigaPlus Argyll directors & representatives from HIE & CBS meet the First Minister in Oban. 24 Aug 2015Left to right, Stuart Robertson (HIE), Archie MacDonald (CBS), Bob Cornish (GigaPlus Argyll), Campbell Cameron (CBS), Nicola Sturgeon, Moray Finch (GigaPlus Argyll), Zoe Laird (CBS) and Tony Jeffree (GigaPlus Argyll)

Moray Finch, chairman of GigaPlus Argyll said: "With funding in place from Community Broadband Scotland for the GigaPlus Argyll project, some of the Directors of the new company had the chance to meet with Nicola Sturgeon today at the Oban Phoenix Cinema. Thanks to Bob Cornish and Tony Jeffree for coming and supporting me. Now the hard work starts!!" Moray Finch, 24th August 2015

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