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Broadband Speed Test

Broadband speed is measured in Mega-bits per second (Mbps). Dial-up speeds are much slower, and typically quoted in Kilo-bits per second (Kbps). A Megabit is one thousand kilobits (more accurately, 1024).

Broadband speeds in the GigaPlusArgyll area tend to be low, which of course is why this project has been set up: to bring you Next Generation Broadband with minimum speeds around 24Mbps.

The UK average speed is now 18Mbps, but that includes everything from the fastest fibre connection to dial-up. In the GigaPlusArgyll area you will be doing exceptionally well if you speed exceeds 5Mbps, and many will fare far worse.

The speeds quoted above are 'download' speeds, and are reflected by (say) how fast web pages load. 'Upload' speeds (the speed at which you send an e-mail with photo attachments are typically far lower.

You can measure the speed you are getting by clicking here. Several tests are performed, both download and upload. The speed figure you're looking for is shown in black below the test box. By signing up to this site you can record your speed test results and accumulate a log over time (recommended).

Broadband Speed Test